Talking To Myself



I was an English major.. for a reason.  I suck at math and am only mediocre at grasping technology… but getting better.   I thought starting a blog would be a terrific creative outlet for me.  It never occurred to me that setting it up would involve terms like SEC, RSS feed, content management system, target audience, host site, managed sites, domain name, widget, plugins, vs…   I mean, WOW, talk about information overload!

I’ve spent the past three weeks on an info seeking mission.  I’ve read everything from “How to Start Your Own Blog from Nothing” to “How to Attract 1,000 Readers Your First Week.”  I’ve jotted tons of topic ideas on various scraps of paper and agonized over what to call the thing.  The past two days alone, I’ve changed my mind a half-dozen times on a title… even polling some of my friends.  I started wondering if I was really going to do this.  Then it came to me last night, I was using all of these reasons to procrastinate … again.

I’m a terrible procrastinator.  I make myself believe I’m more creative under pressure.. which, ok, sometimes is true.  You’ll definitely do something if a deadline is looming. I knew what I needed to do… just put words on paper.. or in this case, on the screen and just go from there.   So I opened (which apparently is THE program to use), took another 15 minutes trying to settle on a domain name (after I thought I already had it), and then searched and searched through the templates to use for the site.  I’ve changed that several times too…   Maybe I’m a commitment phoebe….

Was having serious issues committing to my fist post topic.  Should it be about me?.. introducing myself or should I just dive right into one of the tons of topics scattered on my table? Couldn’t decide.  That’s when I started talking to myself… or should I say arguing with myself…no, not arguing, discussing – that’s a little more positive.  I do this, out loud, when I’m having issues deciding on something.  Is that crazy??

I don’t think it’s crazy if it works… during my discussion, I recalled the old saying “write what you know”.. and well, not knowing is what I know at the moment.   So here’s my first post!

Now you have an idea of how my mind works.  Wouldn’t it be fun to be in there?  As with most things in my life, its a virtual potluck of what you might find here.  I don’t really plan, I just do.

…and I might have a touch of ADD

By the way.. the title of this post started off being a title of the blog site…


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  1. At least in your mind it would be a fun place, mine on the other hand can be quite scary. You do realize our signs do help in deciding our personalities ( yet another thing we share ). Love the first post!

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