Fashion is NOT for Women


brucejenner Most of the time, what people do to their bodies and how they live their lives don’t bother me. Not my circus, not my monkeys, but this whole Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner thing really got me. Maybe because he was such an iconic figure; he was deemed the “World’s Greatest Athlete” for Pete’s sake. And he was a good-looking man (before he started getting all the work done) with a gorgeous, athletic body to go with it. He was the ideal man. I mean really, it’s no wonder I can’t find the right guy… all of the good ones come out as gay or decide they want to be a woman.

And for the life of me, I just cannot understand why a man would want to be a woman. There’s just too much crap to deal with: make up, shaving our legs, underarms and bikini areas, dealing with hair styles and going gray, heels that lead to aching feet, fake nails, keeping our toes done, having different outfits for every situation (a pair of khakis and a golf shirt go a long way for men), bathing suits, the qualms of aging (men become more “distinguished” with age, women just age…) and all of the expenses to maintain ourselves. I could certainly understand a woman wanting to become a man.

Jeez….but I digress…

That isn’t what truly bothers me. I was reading an article about the Vanity Fair cover Jenner appeared on. The stylist for the shoot, Jessica Diehl, said this:

caitlyn5-5  “She’s all-American in so many ways…. Welcome to the world of   women’s fashion! …she has a pretty good idea of what makes her feel good, and those are classic silhouettes. She has a fantastic physique. It’s just a totally well-taken-care-of physique. She’s an athlete, so the muscle tone is incredible. She’s slim, and her proportions are very easy to dress.”

“We had basically a three or four-hour fitting. I have to say, out of that three or four-hour fitting, there were only two things we did not like. Everything looks good on her. That just doesn’t happen,” Diehl revealed.


This bothers me. A lot. Now the “all-American” woman isn’t even a woman. And welcoming her/him to the world of women’s fashion where “everything looks good on her” speaks volumes about the fashion industry. They aren’t styling for women; they’re obviously styling clothes for a man’s body (with fake boobs). How many average women are 6’2” with no hips and are previous Olympic gold medalists? No wonder “her” muscle tone is incredible.

Now I know this is nothing new. For years, the fashion industry has pushed an unrealistic body image that sent women on absurd diets, some leading to eating disorders and just ruining the self-esteem of others. And the use of pre-pubescent girls whose’ bodies have not yet taken the shape of a true women, is still the norm. The fashion industry is always going to go for the tall, leggy thin types…But at least they are female.. I think…. I am starting to question some of those Victoria Secret models.


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