9 Days…Croatia


9 Days…



In 9 days I will be in Croatia. Still can’t quite believe it. The mind is starting to race now and I can’t stop Googling things about Dubrovnik. Needless to say, not getting much else done.

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. This whole money exchange deal… and how much should we take? And no, Croatia is not on the euro; they are on the Kuna. We’ve had some people tell us to take euros. But then I read we should take the local currency as many mom and pop places and the market, taxis etc. may not take euros or a credit card. Some have said we should exchange before we leave; but I’ve read lots of people just get money at ATM’s when they arrive and that the exchange rate it pretty good…although, we should check with our banks to check on fees… Ok… so we should take dollars and exchange for Kuna when we get there?… but what about when we’re in Munich? Ugh… obviously I’ve never traveled overseas. Everywhere I’ve traveled, they’ve been more than happy to take the dollar. I suppose it’s part of the adventure.

Then there’s packing. I’ve started gathering things together.  I’ve read dozens of articles about packing for a week in a carry-on or a backpack. I don’t see that happening. I don’t really see myself rinsing underwear in the bathroom sink so I can save space… and I don’t think Linda would appreciate that either. So, I went out and bought a new rolling duffel, because, of course, I read somewhere that was a good choice. I need to stop reading travel posts.

What to pack? How many bathing suits should I take? Beach towel? Those take up a lot of room. Power adaptor; must make sure I can charge the Iphone. But the huge question, what shoes?? I don’t want to look like the typical American running around in sneakers, but we’ll be doing some active things so I need to be prepared. I have some cute sandals, but I really like my wedges. Hmmm.. Do they dress up a lot there? I’ve heard in places like Italy everyone always looks great. (Mediterranean women are beautiful anyway). I have to admit, we’ve gotten very lazy in appearance in the US. When did it become acceptable to wear jeans, flip-flops and a tank to a fine dining restaurant or to the theater?

Do men have these issues?

One tip I did read that made huge sense – if you haven’t worn it in 4 months, don’t put it in your bag!

Checklist for duffel:
Power adaptor
Shorts… dresses…. Tops…. Capris… Jacket???
Sandals – tan, grey; wedges… sneakers?
Bathing suit(s)
Yoga mat towel.. instead of beach towel. Not bulky, dries fast. Pat on back for that one…
Dry pouch for Iphone – supposed to be waterproof up to 30 meters… not that I will test it

List still in progress…

How many times will I pack something and take it out, then put it back in?  Who knows.  I found in the past I don’t wear half of what I take.  I need to remember that.

So, if any world travelers have any tips for a wannabe world traveler, please leave a comment!

Tonight, I will pack for a quick jaunt to Charleston tomorrow.  Not much thought process there….sandals, bathing suit, shorts and sunscreen.


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  1. Ok pack as much as you want. You are going on a once in a lifetime and should have options. What is a liggage fee so that a girl can feel like she has options. Also we are lazy and slacked as Americans but remember they are ahead of us trend wise in Europe.


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