For the Love of Spaghetti Squash




A few months ago, my nutritionist suggested some changes in my diet. I was feeling sluggish, tired, not sleeping and just, in general, not feeling well. The Paleo Diet was my challenge.

I love to cook…I love food.. I love to eat… Specifically, I love pizza, pasta, cheese…. None of which are allowed on the Paleo diet. To succeed, alternatives had to be found.  And ones with lots of flavor. Some of the recipes I found on-line or in books where just blah… So, I started getting creative in the kitchen.

I was craving pasta tonight. My alternative: spaghetti squash. Before this adventure, spaghetti squash had never been on my menu.  Now, I love this stuff.  So after a splurge in Charleston this weekend..NEVER had a bad meal there… I decided it was going to be Healthy Eating Saturday night.



On the menu: Spaghetti squash with a sauce of ground turkey, zucchini, Roma tomatoes and lots of garlic! The only salt I use these days is sea salt; the oil is always olive oil. It was hardy, tasty and best of all, leftovers for tomorrow!


And yes, I have seen some improvements. I’ve lost a few pounds, I’m down 1.5% in body fat – without feeling hungry or deprived – and yep, I feel better! I can do this.


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