Grumpy old men, kayaking, biking, wine and stairs…..


I’m not even sure where to start with yesterday.   It was quite a full one.

Yesterday was kayaking day. We were “greeted” at our start point by one very grumpy Croatian man. It was obvious he did not like tourist. He was angry with us because we were taking up his space on a public beach … Let me reiterate.. Public beach.  And this is where the kayaking tour starts. Well, one thing led to another.  One of our New Yorkers asked why he was being such an asshole.  Our kayaking guide high-fived her.  I thought to myself, great, we were going to start an international incident. The grumpy guy and his mother, whom one of our group referred to as his wife and really set him off, was even worse. Our wonderful guide, Oliver, pretty much got into a chest bumping match with this man.  It was all quite funny. Oliver was a little irritated but I think mostly embarrassed that people from there were acting like that.  I think we all understand there are assholes everywhere.  Superman Oliver saved the day.

We kayaked around Lokrum Island. We got some interesting sites as we passed cliffs with nude sunbathers.  They definitely aren’t shy.  Our guide took us into a cave in the cliffs called the Blue Cave. The water just sparkled and it was very tempting to get in and swim there, but that was just a rest stop. We circled on around the island to a cove where lots of people were swimming.  We had time to explore the island which was once inhabited by Byzantine Monks. The monastery is still there and they say the island is cursed.  The locals will not spend the night there.

image image image image

When we returned, Linda and I walked the wall around the Old City. We really should have counted the number of stairs we went up and down just yesterday. Stairs are everywhere here … Along with cats.  We also went to the fort outside the city walls. This is where a lot of interior scenes where shot for Game of Thrones , and yes, tons more steps.

imageimage image image image image image image


We sniffed out some awesome pizza for dinner. The smell of fresh baked pizza just waffes through the town. I could eat it every day. Then we walked some more….and had delicious gelato… Walked some more.  It took us 30 minutes to find Buza Bar, which is on the cliffs outside the city wall.  Nite cap

image image image

Our bus ride back to the hotel on an overly packed bus was entertaining. The driver kept letting people on, but it was so crowded, people couldn’t even pay. We missed our stop cause we couldn’t see a thing. The bus driver just shook his head but laughed. That was a relief.

This morning I had to go buy more band aides. After two days of hiking and one kayaking, my body was talking to me, and not nicely.  My feet were throbbing … And I thought I was in decent shape before this trip.  Luckily, it was biking day in the Konalve valley.  I did ok once I got the gears figured out, but our cycling trip was cut short due to mud. I really was ok with that; more time at the winery!

image image image image imageimageimage


Flavored brandy is hot in Croatia. We sampled several, ate wonderful dried figs and cheese and sampled some of the winery’s wine.  The cats were very friendly with us  one kitten made itself at home in a lap.  The cats are so tiny here.  I showed one of the guides a picture of my cat and he couldn’t believe how big he is!

Relaxation was needed after all that and I got a much-needed nap by the waterfront while Linda continued to walk.  I was fine letting her go on.


The night ended with another wonderful meal with the group. I am truly inspired by them.


I am so tired now… Need to hit the sack before more walking tomorrow.


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