Online Dating? Some reminders not to ….


Hard to believe it’s already September. Feels like it was just last week I was sleeping off a hangover from New Year’s Eve. Turned out to be a very busy summer, which is a good thing. I started the New Year with really no plans other than, no dating… I’ve been thinking about that a little bit lately.

It’s been extremely nice not being stressed out about dating; wondering if some guy will call me back or not. Ick… But, I suppose I’ll need to get back out there at some point. Maybe… The online thing comes up now and then, but all I have to do is remind myself what was out there. I’ll recap some of last years dating candidates for those who missed out.

imageThis one came across my page. I refer to him as “The Thinker”. What exactly he’s thinking about sitting naked on the side of his tub is beyond me. And why he thought this photo would be great on his dating profile.. well… I probably do not want to know.


This handsome guy decided to show his “quirky” side I suppose. Honestly, I don’t know what’s up with this. Between the hair, the ear thingy’s and.. is that a big pimple on the end of his nose? A friend of mine who works at the hospital said, “Oh, looks like he’s in a doctor’s office waiting room…” Yep, steering clear of that one…



This one is showing all of his good habits… smoking, lack of personal grooming, and looks like he’s standing outside a tattoo parlor. Just not my style.. sorry.

Some had no picture, but instead tried to woo me with their romantic messages:image image

 image image

Looks like I have a choice of Yoda speak and Joey speak, someone that’s angry about something? and a sappy poet…

I’m saving the best two for last though.



This guy started a lot of talk on Facebook about what exactly is tattooed across his forehead. It looks like 5150… which a friend said was Police code for “mentally unstable”. At least he’s being honest upfront??? Certainly crazy enough to put a tattoo on his face. Here’s the kicker. Several months later, my nephews wife said she saw a picture of him on a friends page. Happens to be the brother of someone she went to high school with. YIKES


And the crowd favorite.. Mr. Urban Cowboy who’s ” comfortable in my jeans, boots and cowboy hat. I ride a steel horse.” Well, all righty then. The peek-a-boo chest was just too much.

So there’s a brief synopsis of my online dating world last summer. Why do I have the photos? I had to comb through Facebook to find them. I was keeping my Facebook friends entertained with my unfortunate dating prospects. Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice looking guys out there, but things never worked out. Here’s the thing about on-line dating, I think some guys find it hard to commit to someone because there’s always more options sitting in their inbox. Ugh.. Anyway, my friends wanted me to continue just to see what may pop up. I’m not quite ready to face all of that again.


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