Tiny Houses


For some reason I’ve become intrigued with tiny houses. Apparently it’s a new movement. People are trying to simplify their lives by downsizing … And I mean really down sizing, their homes, possessions and debts. Large homes have been a sign of success and status, but people are tired of being stressed with debts and large mortgages.  A lean towards living greener, more sustainable lifestyles is becoming more important to individuals as well.


The typical tiny house is anywhere from 100 to 400 sq. ft. The typical American house is over 2000 sq ft. That’s quite a big difference. If your tiny house is mobile, then it’s probably not much over 120 sq ft so it is towable…Which brings me to this question. If you want to move around and travel, why not just buy an RV? I mean that is what they are made for. I also read that most mobile tiny house owners really do not move very much. Maybe because a lot of RV parks do not allow them due to height restrictions. So, unless you have your own piece of land, where are you going to put it? And then there still maybe restrictions.

Aside from wondering where in the hell I would park one, it is interesting to think of life without a mortgage! The typical cost, depending on your tastes of course, can range anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. However, you may have a hard time getting a bank to finance it if you can’t pay for it straight out. But besides that, some are pretty cool and the idea that I could be happy in less than 200 sq ft without a lot of stuff, little, if no mortgage, giving me more money to travel, is something to ponder.

I grew up in a one story, 3 bedroom, 1 bath house, with 5 people. Families these days would flip out at the mention of 1 bathroom and we didn’t have a den either. We were always right there together .. For better or for worse. But, we survived. I do not miss my 3 bedroom, 2 bath house I sold. The 3rd bedroom just became a place to put stuff .. Stuff I rarely used. I got rid of so many things when I moved. Why on earth did I still have a box of cassette tapes with nothing to play them on or a Walkman?? I think the Goodwill near my house was full of just my stuff. Now mind you, my apartment is a good size. The only spaces I gave up where a bedroom and a garage.

So could I really downsize to something smaller? It would call for a lot of compromising. I’ve always said I wanted a bigger kitten. That certainly wouldn’t happen in a tiny house. I do like having a place for guests to stay; that could get tight in 120 sq ft, and I love my books, which do take up space. Would a Christmas tree fit in a tiny house? Hmmmm

But still, when I look at some of these tiny houses online and on TV (two shows on now about them..), I’m just in awe. The creativity and thought put into the spaces are wonderful. So many homes and apartments now just feel like you’re living in a square box; no personality. I like character in a space, which is maybe the reason I like my stuff. My stuff shows my personality. What would I be willing to give up? Would definitely have to get rid of some shoes… And jackets…and well, just a lot of clothes in general. oh, and my stash of wonderfully aromatic candles.

.image    image image

It’s  really funny that I’m even interested in this. When I look at condos for sale and they are under 900 sq ft, I immediately write them off as too small. Now that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? I was at a friends condo a while back, one bedroom, one bath with a combined living and kitchen space and I was like, “Wow, this is small.” Two of them were living there. They were only renting, and have since bought a large house…

People in large cities, namely New York, who are relegated to small studio apartments due to cost and space limitations, must think this tiny house movement is insane. They’ve been micro living for decades. Why would people who can spread out, cramp themselves into tiny spaces? Is it a case of just wanting something you don’t have?

image image

So this is all fun to think about and look at. And I like to picture myself as a well-organized, green-thinking individual, doing what I can to reduce my ecological footprint on this earth.. But, yeah that’s pretty much all in my head.  I live in my head a lot.


image  image


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  1. Boy, we are noodling some of the same things. I recently applied for a job in my field at the Grand Canyon-South Rim. I would have to live in an RV. I’ve already been thinking of those storage container homes, but now I’ve been googling “living full-time in an RV”. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear from the job, but I’m already thinking what a great way to live. If I could live in an RV for a job, why couldn’t I live in an RV – or tiny house- to save money or have more freedom?


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