Yes, Tiny houses have bathrooms


Intrigued may not have been the correct word… obsessed may be more accurate…

And yes, tiny houses do have bathrooms – any style you want.

tiny house bathroom 2  tiny house bathroom 3 rustic bathroom

I can’t stop Googling Tiny Houses.. there are so many in all different shapes and sizes… from very basic and rustic to über modern and sleek.

rustic 2 rustic tiny house

modern tin 1 Modern tiny house

And just quirky…

unusual 1 unusual 3 dr suess house

Whatever your heart desires.

And the use of space is incredible.  Tons of time spent planning, making use of every space.

stair drawers kicktoe kitchen storage

Well.. if I were to build a tiny house… it wouldn’t be on wheels.. I would opt for something more along the lines of this…

small house

I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at stuff and another site I’ve been frequenting is:   is interesting too.

But again, I’m just thinking out loud… Its fun to think of the possibilities.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend.





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