My Wish for You, My Single Friend…


Last night, as I was perusing Facebook, I came across the following on Facebook page:

stop looking

I followed in my comments:

FB comment

This is what I’ve been doing for the past year. Not thinking about dating, instead, focusing on me and doing what makes me happy.

I was catching up on some of the bloggers I follow and came across a post from yogini.sharon on her blog Midlife Moments. Now it’s funny, as I’ve been reading her blog, I found we share a lot of commonalities. After some exchange of comments, she agrees. We are two single ladies, on our own and finding what makes us happy in life besides having a partner; realizing there are other loves beside romantic love. We are learning how to find courage, strength, security and passion within ourselves and the world around us. Her post was truly wonderful and there is no way I could write it any better so I’m sharing her post. Even if you are not single, take a few minutes to read it. It is truly a beautiful reminder to love oneself and to find happiness in what you do have.   Thank you Sharon, my twin in Louisiana, for such an insightful letter…

Midlife Moments

It was overcast all day

I have a friend who is newly single. I watched as she navigated her break-up with her significant other. I supported her as she went through the initial stages of grief .. anger .. bargaining .. denial … depression … acceptance. I let her talk … and cry .. and vent … and held her in my heart as the fear … that fathomless fear …. of being alone crashed into her world. She is through the worst of the initial stuff and is settling into her single life. I, as a single woman and a writer, seem to her like a guide that can help her to step into being single and have a full life regardless of whether or not that space in her bed is ever filled again. My friend, I may seem like a guide that does it with grace, but know that everything you feel…

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