Rainy, Saturday aftenoon



There is something to be said for rainy Saturday afternoons. I don’t feel guilty sleeping in and lounging on the couch for a while. However I do seem to be more productive as far as domestic duties: laundry done, vacuuming done, cats brushed. I can relax.

I’ve ventured across the street to the Starbucks. Getting my pumpkin spice latte fix. I did remember to order decaf…. I would never go to sleep with a regular and the red wine I plan on drinking later. It’s funny, places like this used to be places to meet and talk to people. Now, we are all just plugged in; faces downcast and stuck in our electronic devices. It’s a wonder we still know how to make eye contact with other humans….or do we? I’m not sure if people really know how to start a conversation with anyone any more. In fact, the girl beside me seems to be having a conversation with herself (after a very loud telephone conversation). Now I do that on occasion, but not in public! Where do we go to have conversations with people?

It is an interesting place to people watch. It’s also fun trying to determine if people are meeting for the first time.. Online dating meet ups: both looking a little stiff and nervous, clutching their cups like life depended on it, with perm-a-grins and anxious giggles. Been there done that.

A lot of teenagers here. Hoping they are drinking decaf … The line has not stopped since I arrived. We are a population of over caffeinated, device junkies.

An older gentleman has parked beside me. He looks like the professor type: cardigan sweater, loafers, gray, wavy hair pulled into a pony tail. He’s on his IPad too… doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in saying hello.

The artsy type has come in now. Two girls. Very short hair, leggings with funky tops. One with shiny metallic silver booties.. Ah to be young. I suppose I could do that… I would be called the old weirdo…or eccentric older type. Is being eccentric good or bad?

A group of older ladies (meaning older than me) are chatting away.  They are very animated.  One lady has large, dark-rimmed glasses and has the most infectious smile.  They are enjoying the laid back day too.

Watching the 3 baristas, they are like a well-oiled machine. Even they don’t seem to need much conversation between them, as they delve out the cappuccinos, lattes, teas and cocoas.

The rain has stopped for the moment. More people are out and about. I may actually venture around to the bookstore. I may even take a nap when I get home, before I pour that glass of wine and hunker down on the couch for a movie.  It’s an exciting day.


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