Elusive Sleep



I head to bed with good intent,
That tonight I will get a good nights rest;
But my mind and eyes relent.

2:00 am comes and goes,
I switch from my side to side and back
Avoiding the mock of a clocks digital glow.

First I’m hot and then I’m cold,
so I toss and turn and fight with sheets.
Night after night, insomnia…this is getting old.

It’s 3:00 am and I’m still awake,
I’ve run through every checklist in my head.
Seems sleep is a slippery, elusive snake.

4:00 am and my eyes are leaden;
My mind has decided to rest.
Sleep has come, my senses finally deadened.

6:00 am an obnoxious noise alerts me time to rise.
With grogginess and a foggy brain I struggle.
I really feel like I just shut my eyes.


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