Long Time Coming


I have not looked at my blog in almost a year. I’ve thought off and on about it, but words just weren’t coming to me anymore.  So why now?  A few weeks ago, I received an unexpected email.  The subject line: Angel Gowns. It took me a minute, but when I opened it, I was so surprised and happy; I became a bit emotional.  It was from the seamstress I had mailed my wedding dress to over a year ago.  My gown was sent to her for the purpose of making Angel Gowns, gowns for still-born babies or babies that never make it home. It was an idea prompted by a friend who had lost a baby at birth. Sending that gown off was a very emotional process. My post,  The Gown, will shed more light on that.  Donna, the seamstress, said it would take several months for her to make the gowns, but she would send pictures when they were complete.  I waited all summer and fall. The pictures never came. To say the least, I was disappointed.  I came to the conclusion I would not see any pictures and not know what truly became of my gown. Life got busy and I stopped thinking about it.

When I read her email and saw the pictures, I remembered how much I had looked forward to sharing the pictures with everyone. It’s been a long time coming and I’m a little rusty, but here I am, back to my blog.

Below is the email and some of the Angel Gowns.


angel gown1       angel gown3                                       angel gown2       angel gown4






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    • Hey Sharon! So good to hear from you. I see Michigan is treating you well! I started in a brand new position this year so I’ve been training, training, training… but all’s good. Trying to get back into writing because I do miss my blog. Just having some trouble actually doing. Writer’s block maybe?? We’ll see how it goes!

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