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Creative Blah



My creative mojo has been lost, or at the very least, in hiding for over a year now.  No writing, as evident from my blog, no drawing, no DIY’ing.  The last is a bit mystifying considering I bought a townhouse a year in a half ago that does need some TLC and some DIY’ing.

When I purchased my first house way back in 1999, I could not wait to get a paint brush in one hand and a hammer in the other.  And it was a brand new house!  I spent hour’s faux painting an entire wall – with vaulted ceilings.  I painted every room in the house, even did some stencil work in the kitchen and put in a glass tile back splash.  I was nonstop.

This go round has been different.  I’ve done good getting the carpeting replaced with new flooring downstairs.  That was brought on by a peeing, not so happy cat.  And then there was the replacement of the HVAC system.  Not fun stuff, not cheap stuff and definitely not creative stuff.  I’m lucky to have a few pictures on the walls.  There have been no urges to do anything else.  It’s just been a place to be.  Such a creative blah rut.

I got a little kick in the pants Labor Day weekend.  I traveled south to a friend of a friend’s condo in Georgetown, SC.  When I walked into the condo, I immediately loved it.  It was not decorated in your typical beachy theme with muted, pastel tones and wicker furniture.  Instead, it was very eclectic with rich, warm colors and tons of art work and pictures hung about.  It felt inviting and reflected the personalities of the owners.  It felt like a home.  In fact, I felt more at home there than in my own little piece of real estate.

When I arrived back at my place of ownership, I sat on my couch and looked around.  Things felt a bit cold with not much on the walls, an old dining table and chest.  There was nothing reflecting my joys in life, like traveling, friends and family.  There are still unpacked boxes in the closet; in fact they have not been unpacked since I sold my house and moved to an apartment.  I sorted through them and found some of my treasures: tons of photographs and picture frames and artwork I had purchased on trips.  That was the beginning.

Now it’s time I truly settle in and make my townhouse my home and not just a place to rest my head. The gears in my head have finally loosened up and now I need to do something.  I’m starting with my dining room table.  I don’t like it anymore.  It’s dark and heavy and looks dated (sort of how I’ve been feeling lately).  It needs freshening up so I rekindled my relationship with Pinterest.  The past week in half, I’ve researched chalk paint, looked at color pallets and combinations and how-to’s. Of course as things go with Pinterest, other things caught my eye: painted dressers, dressers turned into entertainment centers, painted kitchen cabinets etc.  If I’m not careful and the cats sit too long, they may get painted too. It’s time for a face lift for my stuff and a mood lift for myself.

I’m off to the store to trap my mojo and bring it home along with lots of paint. It’s time to get busy!  I feel better just planning to do it. Updates to follow… hopefully it will be a Pinterest Success and not a Pinterest Failure.


The Move


Monday, May 2

My body feels like it’s been through a major workout and looks like it’s been beat, but all of my crap is moved!  And boy, do I have a lot of crap. It’s been an exhausting couple of days. Makes me truly admire people who live in tiny houses!

So the actual move went well.  The moving guys were great.  Two thumbs up to Two Men and a Truck (actually took 3 men to move all my stuff).  They were so nice and laughing and friendly.  Don’t think I would be like that if I had to move people everyday for a living… and they had another job after mine.  Just goes to show you, mood and attitude means a ton.

I have so much crap, I had to make two more trips on Sunday.   That was not planned and not a welcome thought after all the moving Saturday.  Every time I thought I had everything, I saw something else. I also had to clean…. ugh.. and wrangle the cats and get them moved.

I have two cats.  Cats are not fond of change, and mine are not fond of being confined and riding in a car.  So second endorsement coming here… kudos to Cat-in-a-bag.  I saw this video on Facebook about Cat-in-a-Bag… a canvas bag with a neck at one end with a Velcro strap for tightening and a zipper at the other end.  The premise is that the cat does not feel quite as confined with the head being free and the bag is big enough for them to move their legs. It’s supposed to keep them a little calmer.  The video kitties had no problem having something slipped over their heads… mine, well, lets just say it took a little more coaxing, but once in and I got them situated in the car they seemed ok.  There wasn’t much howling.  No freaking  out until I got them out of the car and was carrying them inside.  For a few hours, Spot (yes that’s his name) would not come out of his bag and Angel (these were the names they came with) hung out in the bathtub.

When I finally sat down last night, I remembered I did not clean out my freezer at the apartment and I think I left a clock on the wall.  Keys were already turned in… I also checked my email.  Trying to be on top of things, I had placed a flower delivery order for Mother’s Day.  To my surprise, there was a delivery confirmation… they were delivered yesterday.  Obviously I was not thinking straight when I placed that order.  Oh well, the thought was there.

So here are my tips for moving to anyone getting ready to do so:

  1.  Make sure you have wine..
  2. Do not pack the corkscrew.
  3. Have frozen pizza available… when it’s 8:00 pm and you’re tired and hungry, it hits the spot along with that wine.
  4. Mark the box with the coffee pot and coffee in LARGE, BOLD letters and put a coffee cup in with them. Make sure you know where that box is.
  5. Before you unpack anything, makeup your bed, hang your shower curtain and get your soap out.  When you are ready to shower and drop in your bed, its done.
  6. Have a sense of humor.
  7. Most importantly, have awesome friends that help you. I have two that have helped me every single time I’ve moved. I LOVE them.