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Swiss Chocolate



The bar snaps between my teeth;

my mouth waters with anticipation, as decadent morsels assault my tongue.

Luscious cocoa cream melts, swirling, coating my mouth with velvety richness.

I savor the moment, as the sweetness dissipates, slowly slipping away.

I reach for another piece, the promise of sumptuous pleasure at my fingertips,

but with horror, I realize there is no more.








You’re Going Where??


That’s a question I’ve heard  a great deal lately…

Yes – My friend Linda and I are going to Croatia…SOON!  Dubrovnik to be precise. For all of you “Game of Thrones” fans, Dubrovnik is the setting for Kings Landing.   It is one of the most intact walled medieval cities in Europe…. yes.. Europe..  This time last year, I never would have guessed I’d be going there.

Yes – It is safe.. we are not going to the Middle East, which is what I had to explain to my mother and some others. (Mom looked for it on some ancient atlas she had… not there.  It used to be a part of Yugoslavia and gained independence in 1991).  It is predominantly a Christian country.  A little geography lesson.  Croatia is across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.  In fact, it kills me knowing how close I’m going to be to Italy and not actually go.

Why Croatia?  Long story short.. Linda has already been to Italy;  I watch the Travel Channel .. a lot…. and I saw a show on Croatia.  It’s absolutely stunning.  I mentioned it to her… of course her reply was “Where?”   I sent pictures and she was in.  Dubrovnik is on the coast with beautiful clear-as-glass water.  They say the seafood is spectacular.  Some travel to see things; I travel to see and EAT!  I think you can learn so much about a place through their local foods.  And I must add, Croatian wine is supposedly very good.  Olive oil is another star of the region.  You can go a head and assume I’ll be shipping both back home.

I won’t post pictures I’ve found now.. I’m going to wait to post my very own.  But here’s a sweet link….  http://www.lonelyplanet.com/croatia/Dubrovnik

If you’ve been and have tips, let me know!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it!  17 Days….